Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Obsession with trails

So how did my obsession with trail running begin ?

2 years ago I got invited by some friends from work to go up to the lakes to walk yes walk up some fells . I’ve always been into being outdoors Me and Suzanne had been up a few peaks in snowdonia and a few smaller walks in the Peak District . So off to the lakes I went this was my first hike up the lakeland fells and what can I say I just loved the place it just felt completely different to other places I’ve been very solitude and tranquil . So after a long day in the fells hiking up scafell pike and a few other sorrouding fells my obsession with peaks began one of my friends said he was ticking off all the Wainwrights Fells he said there’s only 214 I thought that’s a bit of a life time challenge . that’s where I was wrong 2 years later I was hiking up my final one all done 214 completed .

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